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“Information is the lifeblood of today’s business and capturing
the correct data is how you take its pulse.”

Welcome to All Time Marketing Services, Inc. (ATMS) – where we help you maintain a sound Customer Database and successfully manage Database Management Systems.
Importance of Creating a Customer Database Database Management System (DBMS) – Data Pilot

A high quality customer centric Database is priceless - Facts, figures and critical data about your present customer – their profiles and buying patterns etc help you to better target your prospective customers. Based on your current customer database, you can make sound business decisions and take focused actions towards marketing and promoting your business in the future.

To get a 360 degree view of your current customers and your overall business growth, and for successfully running Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, you must have a good, reliable and complete customer database that reflects all essential customer data such as who are your customers and when, why and how they buy etc.

A Database Management System is a superior quality system or software that is designed to intelligently manage a Customer Database and run a plethora of operations on the stored data for various purposes. It allows a business to keep track of their current and most recent customer activity (frequency, amount spent, etc.) and track prospect customer activity as well.

DataPilot is one such customer or prospect database management system developed to design a relational database structure that allows for maximum flexibility and data tracking meeting customer or prospect marketing needs.

ATMS Database Management Services through DataPilot
  • DataPilot is extremely beneficial as it stores basic customer information (name, address, city, state, zip, zip+4) at the front of the record so that the database can be standardized and updated easily for use in a direct mail campaign.

The Database Management and implementation team at ATMS assists you in maintaining the database with updates including additions, removing duplicated records and making changes to other customer information.

  • The system allows additional information to be saved and accessed based on unique business needs.

  • Marketing programs can be developed based on the information available: i.e., cross-sell/complimentary sell product promotions, and segment data to offer special promotions to specific groups of customers.

Trust ATMS to manage your customer database.
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