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To meet the demands of all our clients, we have set up a strong base with dual corporate offices located in Latham, NY & Irvine, CA

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Strategic Planning Services - Analyze, Plan & Implement

Behind every successful business is a strong and well defined strategic Plan – a blueprint that guides each and every person in the organization to contribute towards the common goal of the Company. Often times, due to growing pressures, deadlines, and routine tasks, companies find it difficult to put in time and efforts in reevaluating their goals, analyzing their objectives and making long term strategic plans.


If you feel that your business is growing without a clear focus or has lost its sense of direction, it’s time to call in the Strategic Planning experts at All Time Marketing Services, Inc. (ATMS)

Streamlined, Systematic, Superior - Strategic Marketing Plans for a Profitable Future

Planning assistants at ATMS, work with you in developing a good Project Plan – one that defines goals, established objectives and guides the entire staff to work towards generating profits.

Strategic Planning Tools & Services - All Time Marketing Services, CA
  • Loyalty Programs – Based on your transaction data, we can help you to compute the estimated or realized total profit from a customer’s relationship to you. This information guides our database development team to build customized applications (from simple mailing lists to full featured buying programs) which meet your specific marketing needs in a cost effective way.

  • Testing Know the response rate of your mailing initiatives through testing. We can help you to generate a consistent response percentage by testing different elements of a campaign. Find out the response rate that generates the desired ROI.

  • Tracking and Analysis – Find out ways to improve your mailing response rate. We can track and coordinate the responses to your mailing with a variety of techniques, from data entry to bar code scanning.

  • Reminder MarketingTo Market well you must market right! We help you to target new homebuyers and movers for growing your customer base quickly, especially for hardware, home furnishings, insurance and landscaping industries.

  • Database MappingSee your database on paper. Decide what needs focus and extra efforts based on quantitative figures and demographic variations.

  • Measure Program Success Using Actual ROI - Use the actual return on investments to measure the true success of an acquisition campaign. This is the only method that takes into consideration your customers lifetime value and accurately reflects the impact of a campaign.

  • Test, test, and test - in a disciplined manner: Despite time constraints, focused testing is critical to your long-term acquisition success. We will guide you to design a testing program that is meaningful, affordable, and manageable and that appropriately reflects the return and impact on investment. Avoid missed acquisition opportunities and fruitless customer interactions.

Through us, you can develop a highly beneficial marketing plan that will help you to achieve your customer acquisition goals.
We will deliver more than you expect - Give Us a Chance to Pleasantly Surprise You!
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