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To meet the demands of all our clients, we have set up a strong base with dual corporate offices located in Latham, NY & Irvine, CA

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All Time Marketing, Inc.
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All Time Marketing Services, Inc. (ATMS)

One-Stop Solution for Your Distribution Needs.


At ATMS, we understand that superior Distribution Services can reinvent product offerings and revolutionize the way you do business, big or small. It is this understanding coupled with valuable experience in the field that enables us to offer our clients Full Service Distribution Services. As an alternative target marketing method, our well developed distribution services can deliver your message to your potential customers with the much needed “personal touch”.

Whether it is a marketing project geared towards everyone within a saturated area, samples for door to door delivery or a “specific” message aimed at a “specific” address, ATMS makes sure that your message is delivered to your customer with the “Personal Touch” accurately, on time, every time.
Distribution Services Offered By All Time Marketing Services, Inc. Why ATMS Distribution Services?

How we do it :

  • Our distribution programs are facilitated through state-of-the-art demographic / geographic software that facilitates identification of over 200 categories of demographic data.
  • We work with you to identify your target market based on such facts as Population by race, Household value, Households by race, Language spoken at home, Age, Presence of children etc.
  • Next, we direct your message in a focused manner for the strongest response.
  • We deliver the Traditional Radius Delivery by Zip Codes, Block Groups, Census Track and Address Specific Delivery.

We have the expertise to offer you a well defined Demographic analysis of your present customers. By defining exactly who your present customers are, we enable you to expand your market to potential customers who “mirror”   your current customer base.

  • Address Specific Distribution - allows mapping of each record in your database through a sophisticated geo-coding system that identifies records by address. Now make your marketing activities less generic by delivering to just your customers.
  • Well Supervised Distribution Projects – Our on-site management teams are exceptional – With a specialized distribution supervisor to every three delivery crews in the field.
  • Flawless Service – With ATMS, you can be assured of quality services. Our mantra is to treat every project, big or small, with the same amount of care. GPS tracking reports location of crews on the quarter minute. A minimum of 10 addresses per thousand are visually verified and a minimum of 3 addresses per thousand are physically inspected and recorded.
To take your business to the next level, trust ATMS.
We will deliver more than you expect - Give Us a Chance to Pleasantly Surprise You!
Click Here or call 949-450-1485 to contact us.
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